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A Blindefellows Chronicle

Posted on: December 05, 2020 - by Richard Auty

Written By: Auriel Roe

Narrated by: Richard Auty

Duration: 9hr 40min 00ss

At midday on 31st August, Sedgewick, the new history master, arrives at Blindefellows, former charity school for poor, blind boys, now a second division private school for anyone who can pay. The naïve newcomer is quickly taken under the wing of the rumbustious, philandering Japes, master of physics, who soon becomes something of a mentor, though not in an academic sense.

A Blindefellows Chronicle follows the adventures of Sedgewick, Japes, and a handful of other unmarried faculty at an obscure West Country boarding school including the closeted headmaster, Reverend Hareton, stalwart Matron Ridgeway, and loathsome librarian, Fairchild.

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