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A House in the Woods

Posted on: July 11, 2020 - by Daniela Acitelli

Written By: Mark McNease

Narrated by: Daniela Acitelli

Duration: 6hr 13min 0ss

Laurel and Jeremy Calloway have longed for a new life away from the chaos and confusion of New York City. Driving along a country road in New Jersey with a young real estate agent in the back seat, they almost miss it: a small house in the woods for sale.

Laurel immediately thinks this could be the house for them – the house of their dreams, where a simpler life awaits. Laurel can finish her debut novel. Jeremy can look for a job in Philadelphia, just an hour away.

Stopping to take a look at the property, they meet the house’s caretaker, Eileen, and within a few weeks, they find themselves the very lucky owners of their ideal home.

But who are the mysterious old couple who’d put the house up for sale, having moved out months ago? Is Eileen more than a friendly neighbor? Who are the townspeople they meet, who all seem aware of the young couple now living in the house in the woods? And is it the house of their dreams, or of their nightmares?

©2019 Mark McNease (P)2020 MadeMark Publishing

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