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A Lover’s Haunting

Posted on: June 24, 2020 - by Eddie

Written By: Carrie Bates

Narrated by: Eddie Leonard Jr.

Duration: 01hr 30min 00ss

Meredith and Alan sneak off to get married in the early morning hours. Two lovers who must run away to escape the disapproval of Meredith’s parents, who believe Alan is not good enough for her. As the lovers hold hands on the dark road, tragedy strikes, forever changing the young lovers’ lives.

When Sandra and Gary purchase a newly built home that was once forest, Sandra soon begins to witness unexpected events. A nameless lady roams at night, and appears in the house with heart-wrenching sobs, begging for her lover.

A terrified Sandra has nightmares of Gary dying, has unseen hands grip her shoulders, and hears the cries of a heartbroken lover searching for her soulmate. Can Sandra uncover the mystery of the lonely lover before Gary ends up in the same tragedy that occurred there so many years ago?

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