Welcome to FreeAudioBooks.co.uk


Notification of Site Closure


Having crunched the numbers and thought long and hard I’ve sadly reached the conclusion that the time has come to close freeaudiobooks. 

As an indie author myself, I had high hopes for the site. Whilst certainly not a failure the site just hasn’t blossomed in a way that makes it viable to continue. User engagement with freeaudiobooks peaked early but despite various promotions and advertising has gradually flattened off.

What Happens Next?

The site will close on November 1st 2022. Until then, author/narrators are welcome to post new audiobooks and listeners may continue to request promo codes.

Authors/Narrators who have paid for their audiobooks to be on the front page ‘Spotlight’ will remain in the Spotlight, free of charge, until site closure. All site promotions will discontinue with the exception of Sally’s fantastic book trailer offerings, and our audiobook reviews service.

Thank You

In the time we’ve been running, a core of enthusiastic and dedicated followers have been with us most of the way. Their kind feedback suggests they both enjoyed and benefited from the services on offer. 

But, as the saying goes, when the curtain falls it’s time to leave the stage. 

If you have any questions or concerns do please get in contact. It’s the usual email: support@freeaudiobooks.co.uk