Welcome to FreeAudioBooks.co.uk


Welcome to FreeAudioBooks.co.uk

We provide a way for authors/narrators to showcase their books and distribute audiobook promotional codes to listeners completely free of charge.


downloadMy name is Jerry Kennard

I’m an author who uses the Amazon ACX/Audible system to produce my audiobooks. When I first came across audiobook promotional codes, I really wasn’t sure what to do with them, so for a long time, they were simply ignored. I also didn’t realize that giving away those 50 promo codes could make me money! I had no social media presence to speak of, but like all authors, I wanted to promote and sell my books.

This website is my response. It has been developed so that fellow indie authors can give away their promo codes to interested listeners in return for reviews. The basic service is entirely free so I hope you’ll make the most of it. For those looking for an extra boost, or who’d rather focus on writing or narrating, we offer some additional resources.

If you have any comments, questions, ideas for site development, or words of advice, do please get in contact.


Sally in the BoothSally Roughton: Social Media Maker & Audiobook Narrator

Like Jerry, I too needed to find a cost-effective way to distribute the free Audible download codes for the Audiobooks I narrated. Then, thanks to Jerry, FreeAudioBooks was born, giving Audiobook Professionals a place to promote their book for FREE in exchange for unbiased reviews from the listeners.

I am now working alongside Jerry to promote this great site and all the amazing books to be found here. So please Follow us on Social Media using the links at the bottom of this page. I will announce new Audiobooks to both the content providers and listeners via Social sites, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram in the main. Our subscribers will also receive direct mail showcasing new releases.

As for me, I like to read books, but mainly I love to listen to them. I spent so many hours listening that in the end, I evolved into an Audiobook Narrator myself. I personally enjoy thrillers, especially psychological thrillers as well as Sci-fi and Comedy. As a narrator, genres such as Romance, Thrillers, Sci-Fi & Children’s books seem to be my bag, so to speak. If you are interested in having your book produced into an Audiobook, get in touch. You can find me here https://www.sallysspeaking.co.uk/