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More About The Deal:

1. Audiobook Reviews
are essential for improving visibility. The more reviews you get, the greater the chance of sales and the higher up the rankings you climb. Reviews help to cement your reputation as an author and the word begins to spread! Audiobook listeners place their trust in reviews and our panel of reviewers is ready and waiting to do your audiobook justice. More information on audiobook reviews.

If you choose this option your 15% reduction will automatically be deducted from the stated price.


2. Sally’s Speaking brings you Trailer It. Creating beautiful, emotive and immersive books, audiobooks, product & promotional Trailers. Carefully selected stock videos and images are paired with the perfect music to bring your audiobook to life. More information on Trailer It.

If you choose this option use the code ‘FAB22’ when you place your order.


More About The Freebies:

Spotlight Feature.
The front page of any website attracts the most attention. A front-page spotlight feature attracts three to four times more interest than any other audiobook on the site. The normal cost for a one-month spotlight feature is £10 (approx $13) but it comes free with our Spring offer.


Plus . . 

Newsletter Feature. The featured audiobook always attracts the most promo code requests, typically in the order of 10-20 requests above audiobooks regularly featured on the website. The normal cost for a single newsletter feature is £10 (approx $13) but it also comes free with our Spring offer.


AND . .

Select the Trailer It option and we’ll embed your completed trailer, free of charge, within your freeaudiobook page. A great way to promote your audiobook!


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This fantastic offer ends April 30th 2022


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