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As Boundless as the Sea

Posted on: December 15, 2020 - by Sally Roughton

Written By: Katharine E. Smith

Narrated by: Sally Roughton

Duration: 8hr 36min 00ss

Two years into her new life in Cornwall, and while Alice Griffiths’ own romantic hopes have been dashed, it appears that whichever way she looks, her friends are getting hitched.

A handsome stranger at Bea’s wedding could well change Alice’s fortunes but she may be better off ploughing her energies into her working life.

While each season brings a new wedding, the months leading up to Christmas, and David and Martin’s big day, become about taking risks for Alice. Should she leave the safety of the Sail Loft Hotel? Is starting a business the best idea she and Julie have ever had, or the end of a beautiful friendship? And should she push Sam Branvall out of her mind for good and take a chance on handsome, successful Paul Winters?

From upsetting her manager at the Sail Loft, to Sam moving back to town; not to mention a phone call announcing her mother has been taken seriously ill, it’s going to take a cool head to navigate successfully through this year. Luckily, Alice has her friends to support her. Even if they are all getting married.

If she can just keep her cool, and keep her friends, then she should make it safely through to those cold winter nights and twinkling Christmas lights.

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