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Ashes to Amish: A Plain Fairy Tale (Plain Fairy Tales Book 1)

Posted on: March 17, 2020 - by Jaclyn Whitt

Written By: Naomi Miller, Ruth Miller

Narrated by: Jaclyn Whitt

Duration: 3hr 2min 35ss

What if . . . the Little Cinder Girl was Amish . . .

Fix dinner, Ella. Clean the House, Ella. Get the shoes fixed, Ella.

Ella is different than most young women in town. She would rather read than watch television. She values kindness over popularity, and she secretly wishes for a family who actually wants her around.

Ella has faced loss and tragedy, and yet she keeps a sweet, brave face, no matter how difficult life becomes.

Chris has entertained an unrequited love for Aida Mast for years, but when he sees her at a shopping mall in the city, dressed strangely, he goes in search of an explanation.

What is she hiding? Why would she be in the city, pretending she does not recognize him, and dressed as an Englischer? The puzzle is one he feels he must solve, no matter the lengths he must go to. However, the mystery that unravels will spin their small community into complete and utter chaos.

This is a story about kindness, courage, and finding lost loved ones.

Ashes to Amish is a plain retelling of the much-beloved Cendrillon by Charles Perrault… with an English twist.

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