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Biography:I am a self-employed writer, which means I’m working for an idiot who doesn’t pay me enough – but the holidays are great. In 2015, I began writing a series of crime novels featuring a Cornish CID officer, Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kettle. I completed the fifth story in 2018 and have self-published the whole series on Amazon Select as eBooks, paperbacks and as audiobooks on Audible. In creating a protagonist for my stories, I wanted to diverge from the usual detective or private eye, who drinks, takes drugs and smokes too much, while gambling his money away, breaking laws and chasing women. It always helps an author if their hero is monied, and Neil Kettle is a millionaire from the sale of his parents' sheep farm, following their premature deaths. His wife died in a traffic accident, meaning a life insurance payout. He's not interested in money, rarely thinking about his savings, but it does give him a reputation for being his own man. He stays a copper for the intellectual challenge and to right wrongs in society. In those ways, he's conventional, but he's unusual in how he's in tune with nature, helping his rural investigations. Clean-living, he drinks herbal tea rather than whisky; he doesn't smoke. He's green politically. A frustrated artist, he paints, draws, plays the guitar and is growing a wild garden. He reads widely and listens to different types of music to help him meditate on cases. Neil Kettle has a rebellious streak, riding a long black Big Bear chopper, a trophy taken from an evil criminal. Like his surname, Neil Kettle is content to simmer away most of the time, but he comes to the boil quickly with a violent temper. He's more a hunter than his laid back personality suggests.