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Posted on: September 06, 2020 - by Scott Cluthe

Written By: Kristofor Hellmeister

Narrated by: Scott CLuthe

Duration: 11hr 51min 00ss

Death and violence do not exist in Axiom. There is no strife, no war, no suffering. There is no hunger, no sadness, and no pain. Axiom is a place of perfection. But, at what cost?

In Axiom, mankind has willingly submitted itself to one man – the Lord Protector – who controls the destiny of every human being. Emotions have become outlawed. Relationships are forbidden. Any sign of the disease is treated with hostility.

Under the eternal guidance of the Lord Protector, mankind no longer knows what it means to be human. But stirring within the hearts and minds of a few individuals is a reality that cannot be ignored. Can anyone make a difference against a man who has seen thousands of years? Or will they be destroyed?

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