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A super low-cost solution for getting reviews (with just a few conditions).


For indie authors, gaining a toehold in the sales market can be a real challenge. Most don’t have the time, the resources or the marketing skills to promote their work. They know reviews are important, but getting them is a real hit-and-miss affair.

Despite the fact that most readers seek out book reviews to help guide their reading choices, comparatively few (perhaps 10%) will ever leave a review themselves. Authors know this. They only have to compare their sales stats for a particular book to see the number of reviews it receives. It’s frustrating – but what to do?

The Importance of Reviews


– buyers place their trust in them

– they help to increase sales

– they help build your brand and cement your reputation

– they provide an edge over the competition

– they help spread the word about your work

Great – but how do you get them?


Paying for reviews is one option but can be quite expensive. Rather than go into the pros and cons of this approach you might care to read this Huffpost article on the topic, or this by Jane Friedman.

The Review Buddy Service

‘you review my audiobook and I’ll review yours.’

This should be a win-win situation. Most authors are avid readers (listeners?) so not only do they get their own work reviewed, they get to listen to work by other authors.

I want to provide a system that is authentic, in other words, not one where both parties offer up five-star reviews as a matter of course. Ultimately, this will come down to the honesty and integrity of the reviewer.

Think of this as an experiment that may need to adapt as we move forwards. To that end, I’ll be grateful for your feedback.

Here’s how I see it:

Step 1: Using the form below, simply sign up in order to express your interest. This doesn’t commit you to anything, but it will give me an idea as to whether it is worth developing the service.

Step 2: Assuming there is sufficient interest I’ll roll out the system in greater detail. It will go along the lines of: (a) authors submit the audiobook(s) they would like to have reviewed along with related promo codes (b) then, based on their declared book interests I locate a reviewer and provide promo codes (c) completed reviews would be expected within three weeks and uploaded to this site for quality checking (d) reviews are posted to Audible.

Costs: I want this to be a viable alternative to costly book reviews, but I also need to support the site in its maintenance and development. To this end, I’m thinking of the first submission as a freebie and subsequent submissions at a fixed price point of just £8 per audiobook

There are still things to iron out and I’m sure you’ll have questions but if, in principle, you think you’d be interested in the service, please fill in the short form below: