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Bedtime Stories For Kids: Spend Wholesome Moments With Your Little One

Posted on: March 15, 2021 - by Jenna Jones

Written By: Bonnie Scott

Narrated by: Jenna Jones

Duration: 03hr 25min 00ss

Want to make the end of the day the happiest part of the day?

Listening to bedtime stories with your kids not only helps them sleep better, but also has a long-lasting impact on developing their imagination, love for books, and a stronger bond with their family.

In fact, If you have kids or grandkids, bedtime stories are one of the most intimate routines that you can foster with the little ones.

However, kids tend to have short attention spans and are quick to get bored of stories pretty easily….

So how do you churn out story after story that keeps up with the pace of your kid’s attention?

Bonnie Scott is here with a huge set of captivating bedtime stories written to make bedtime a magical experience your kids will look forward to every single night!

Let your kids meet the fairy with no wings, the wolf that had a toothache, the little kid William who is always getting into adventures, and more….

Let them discover the power of apology through the story “A Christmas Apology”, and watch them grow into voracious readers when they discover how books can be their best friends in “The Knowledgeable Bookworm”!

Here’s a gist of what the book has in store:

25 unique bedtime stories: a cohort of feel-good, captivating stories written to enthrall your children. Each story has its own unique storyline and message, completely different from the other so your kids will never complain of the stories being repetitive or boring!

Lovable characters: Young kids are so full of excitement and personality – they certainly deserve their story heroes to match their exuberance. The characters in this book breathe life into each story; they are lovable, naughty, brave, adventurous, and an instant hit with children!

Relatable for a diverse age group: The stories are written to suit a diverse age group (ages one and above), so they are a great fit for kids and their siblings!

Just before the lights go out, you awaken a whole new magical world within your children!

Buy your copy today!

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