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Beware the Demons Betrayed Seldom Forgive the Sorcerers, Book 1

Posted on: July 06, 2021 - by Cheryl May

Written By: Alan L. Perkins

Narrated by: Cheryl May

Duration: 10hr 57min 00ss

To survive and stay a step ahead of the competition during the Wild West years, entrepreneurs had to cheat. So, it was without compunction that one group of prospectors raised spirits of the dead to pinpoint the most profitable ore-bearing veins up for grabs in Colorado’s gold rush. But during one incantation, they overstepped an unwritten rule, conjuring a demon that refused to go away.

Over a century later, the demon incarnate has resurfaced, only to wander the mountains while trying to regain its memory – and a purpose. But time is running out. The awakening has created a rift in the spiritual world, and to prevent a cataclysm, powerful magi converge on Colorado.

But the one thing greater than the sorcerers’ fear of one of Hell’s mightiest roaming free is their hatred for one another, though little do they realize that the fiercest obstacle in their way is a sociopath high school teacher and Lorissa, a tough-minded woman, who will do whatever necessary to protect her home and her family.

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