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Beyond the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Volume I

Posted on: December 29, 2021 - by Richard Auty

Written By: Belanger Brian, Naching Kassa, Roger Riccard, Cara Fox, Robert Perret, Brenda Seabrooke, Paul Hiscock, Ronald Rowe, Eric Blake

Narrated by: Richard Auty

Duration: 9hr 36min 00ss

Beyond the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a special three-volume collection of sequels to the original stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Each original tale is paired with an all-new adventure, spinning our hero off into plots and directions that Sir Arthur may never have considered. In many cases, years have passed by since the events of the canon.

Holmes and Watson find that people change. New facts are uncovered. Some characters aren’t as dead as one might have assumed! Intriguingly, many stories have multiple sequels! How did your favorite adventure end? Depends on who you ask. Holmes, to his credit, rises to the challenge every time!

Volume I contains these brand new sequels to the original adventures! Sequels to A Scandal in Bohemia:

The Adventure of the Solicitor’s Wife by Naching Kassa
The Sheriff of Dunsinane by Derrick Belanger

Sequels to The Red-Headed League:

The Pawnbroker’s Apprentice and The Priceless Painting by Roger Riccard

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