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Black Dawn

Posted on: March 07, 2020 - by Nathan

Written By: William Blackwell

Narrated by: Nathan Bakker

Duration: 09hr 00min 45ss

Paul Climer is a down-on-his-luck alcoholic. Dwindling finances, the isolation of country living, a souring romance, and a lurid love affair with the bottle all drive him into a pit of depression and reckless abandon. As he’s dragged deeper into the black void of despair, he realizes his chilling nightmares are not only becoming more vivid, he’s actually dream-teleporting and witnessing brutal murders.

At the end of his rope mentally and physically, he learns he might be next on the killer’s list and, panic-stricken, submerges himself even deeper into a steady stream of alcohol.

Waging a war with internal and external demons, he discovers there’s more to his precarious precipice than meets the eye: Voodoo spells, calculating killers, and possibly a government cover-up.

Pitting human vulnerability against the courage it takes to risk life, limb, and heart, Black Dawn is a pulse-pounding journey that is both terrifying and uplifting.

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