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Borderline Beautiful

Posted on: July 01, 2021 - by Kathleen Li

Written By: Jason Ohler

Narrated by: Kathleen Li

Duration: 7hr 10min 0ss

Felicia is overwhelmed by a tidal wave of debilitating anxiety as she sits on stage, waiting to accept a national award for excellence in statistical analysis. Once again, issues with borderline personality disorder threaten to derail her life as she struggles to keep the moment from unraveling. Love, family, romance, and hope converge and are about to stir her emotionally constrained life to its core by presenting the biggest challenge she’s yet faced in her quest to live a life free of the mind demons that have haunted her since childhood…and finally find the love she so desperately needs.

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Posted in: Adult themes,MF Monogamous,Older Adult (40 plus),Romance,Teen / Young adult

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