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Crimson Bone, Kouzlo Saga Book 2

Posted on: July 12, 2020 - by Stewart

Written By: L.L.McNeil

Narrated by: Stewart Crank

Duration: 7hr 55min 00ss

Demon-hunting is all in a day’s work for Seila.

As a soulless phantom and member of Fallow Caramond’s Kouzlo – a secret demon-killing organisation based outside London – Seila is driven by little else.

But she’s made new allies – elementals, enchantresses, shape shifters, and even a djinni – and slaying demons has never been easier.

But working as part of a team goes against everything Seila has done before, and adjusting to friends is not without difficulty, especially when she’s still no closer to reclaiming her soul and her humanity. She butts heads with Lady Tress Vitali, a demon assassin, and finds the edge of her tongue as sharp as her dragon axes.

After vanquishing Sekki, an elite demon, another has leapt in to take his place, and Seila cannot rest while London is under siege. With prowler demons on the loose and half-fire elemental Damon’s developing powers less than under control, Seila has her hands full not just coping with the growing Kouzlo, but the new elite demon wrecking havoc upon London.

With demons, dragons, and kick-ass characters, this is a new demon hunter series that you can really sink your teeth into!

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