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Crimson Fang, Kouzlo Saga Book 3

Posted on: September 08, 2020 - by Stewart

Written By: L.L.McNeil

Narrated by: Stewart Crank

Duration: 7hr 41min 00ss

Demon slayer Seila is a soulless phantom, tasked with endlessly hunting the creatures in a quest to reclaim her humanity.

Able to absorb the powers of those she fells, Seila’s strength grows after every hunt – but there’s more to demon hunting than raw power, especially with her quest to reclaim her soul.

Her friendship with half-fire elemental Damon has grown from strength to strength, and she’s even on speaking terms with the frosty Lady Tress Vitali.

But despite having the might of the supernatural demon hunters – the Kouzlo – as allies, elite demon Gorath is shaping up to be her greatest adversary ever.

The tables turn against Seila when Gorath shatters a master runesmith’s seal and unleashes the greatest demon threat the Kouzlo has ever faced – the Desolation.

And not even her mysterious Sieken Blade is powerful enough to destroy it.

With demons, dragons, and kick-ass characters, this is a new demon hunter series that you can really sink your teeth into!

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