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Crow’s Caw at Nightmoon Creek Woodland Creek

Posted on: March 07, 2020 - by Dana La Voz

Written By: Calinda B

Narrated by: Dana La Voz

Duration: 05hr 37min 00ss

Flying through the night sky is amazing…especially when you’re a spy.

Tall, athletic Mercedes McCartney is good at what she does – shaping clay into art. Supporting the downtrodden in the town of Woodland Creek. Oh – and transforming herself into a crow to fly the night sky, the wind in her feathers, soaring over landscapes, vistas, and endless wonder as she sources secrets and eavesdrops on people’s folly.

Coming back to Earth sucks…unless you uncover the truth.

Mercedes is horrified when she comes upon the dead body of her best friend, Elena Iris, at her favorite place, Nightmoon Creek. Nearby, stands the very much alive hot guy she’s been pursuing, Lennon Lusk. He’s a suspect. She’s a suspect. Mercedes’ next mission becomes a big one – find out who really killed Elena, even if it means sacrificing her lust for Lusk.

She needs answers, fast. Her best clues come from a cat named Muffin and following her instinct, spying on the townsfolk. She uncovers secrets, lies and plots that fracture the calm appearance Woodland Creek presents. Only insiders know the truth. And insiders want Mercedes McCartney dead.

©2015 Calinda B (P)2016 Calinda B

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