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Demonic Domination: Unholy Virgin, Book 1

Posted on: April 29, 2020 - by Jupiter Grant

Written By: T.S. Lovecraft

Narrated by: Jupiter Grant

Duration: 0hr 44min 00ss

This Christian virgin will do whatever it takes to save her father. Even if it means making a deal with a demon out for what she holds closest. Morals be damned.

Destiny had always been an independent, headstrong girl. Confident in her faith and saving herself for marriage. During her second year undertaking psychology in university, life was an adventure constantly unfolding before her. That was the case, at least, until she found out about her father’s cancer diagnosis.

Now, a flame has been ignited in her to do whatever it takes to save her father – even if it means abandoning her moral compass and bargaining with a particularly sexy demon of lust.

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