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Posted on: January 06, 2021 - by Cheryl May

Written By: David Sherwood

Narrated by: Cheryl May

Duration: 02hr 41min 00ss

Dulcie “Deuce” Meadows lives in a trailer with her boyfriend, Jack in a small town in Utah. She met him after he returned from the war. They had gone to school together, they crossed paths, but they both were quiet and distant. He has some PTSD and to work out his anxiety he creates sculptures from scrap metal. Hands seldom idle, he puts his strength in all he does.

As he is delivering one of his sculptures, she waits for him to return. A trip he normally completed in just a few hours stretches out and he is gone the whole day. The next morning, he is still missing. Fearing the worst and knowing he must be in trouble, she takes it upon herself to go find him. As she sets out, she has no idea how quickly her world can be taken away from her.

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