Welcome to FreeAudioBooks.co.uk


  • 1. Looking for free audiobooks?

    We have posted a notification of site closure. Until then, you are welcome to continue to use the site.

    You’ve come to the right place! Authors and narrators who wish to distribute free promotional codes use this site.

    So, if you use Audible.com or Audible.co.uk, just sign up, select the audiobook you want and the author/narrator will send you a promo code along with simple instructions as to how to claim your free audiobook.

  • 2. How can these audiobooks be free?

    They are free because the author and/or narrator is giving away a limited number of free promotional codes. The code is for you and you alone. You may not distribute the audiobook, or upload it to any device for public consumption.

  • 3. What’s the catch?

    There’s no catch, but there is an earnest request. After you’ve listened to your audiobook, we ask that you leave the author a review. Reviews are really important to authors.

    So, for all their many months of hard work, we ask that you spare just a few moments of your time to please leave a review. Within your review, you should mention that you received your audiobook for free and that your review is voluntary. For example: I was given a free review copy at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  • 4. What devices can I use to listen to an audiobook?

    Pretty much anything that has a download facility: phones, tablets, Echo, Sonos and more. Get your required apps here.

  • 5. I’m in. What’s next?

    First, register with us. We strongly recommend you use your personal email account. Some workplace settings have filters that prohibit certain types of email.

    We’ll then send you a verification email (please check your spam folder if you feel it hasn’t arrived). Click to verify it’s you and then you’ll be able to sign in.

  • 6. How do I get my free code? What do I do with it?

    Sign in to the site, select the audiobook you’d like to listen to and click the ‘request this audiobook’ button. This will alert the author/narrator.

    Your promo code will arrive by email, sent directly from the author or narrator. It will look something like this:

    Please enjoy one free audio review copy of my book, now available on Audible. Redeem the one-time use code below at https://www.audible.co.uk/acx-promo


    Then, follow the link, copy/paste in the code and the audiobook will download to your device. If your code does not work (which does sometimes happen) please request another.

    Note: you are not required to subscribe to a paid Audible membership.


  • 7. I’m not receiving promo codes

    First, it’s nothing personal. Authors and narrators want to distribute their promo codes. If you’ve not received a promo code after 24 hours, try checking your spam folder. We also suggest using your personal email address as the workplace may have filters in place that block certain types of email. Finally, it’s just possible that the author or narrator is without email access for a time (or they may be ill, for example). If you simply wish to test your email, contact support@freeaudiobooks.co.uk and we’ll reply.

  • 8. Are there any restrictions?

    Yes. We find that most listeners request perhaps one to four audiobooks per month. Where we detect suspicious activity (i.e. requests for blocks of promo codes) the account will be deleted without warning.