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What’s the process? 

Posted on: January 24, 2020 - by admin

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Please read this section carefully. There are things to consider and/or prepare in advance:

  1. Register, then check your email (including spam) for a verification email from us. Once verified, return to the website. You will not be able to login unless you have first clicked the verification link on our email.
  2. To add an audiobook click the ‘add audiobook’ link and complete the form. Prepare your book cover image in advance (use the ones on ACX as these are likely to be the correct size: (500 pixels x 500 pixels) plus the associated book blurb. Once submitted your book will be reviewed (usually within 24 hours).
  3. When a listener requests a promo code we’ll contact you with their email details and the specific country code they require (USA or UK).
  4. It’s up to you to obtain the relevant promo code and to then contact the listener (example email below). You may wish to consider whether you want to use your personal email. It’s very easy, for example, to set up a free Gmail account specifically to deal with issues relating to your audiobooks.
  5. You may also wish to consider giving the listener a time frame in which to redeem their code. If they choose not to, you’re free to allocate that code to someone else. Example email:

Subject: Audiobook Code: [book title]

Hi [name],

You recently requested a promotional code for my audiobook, [Title].

Please redeem your code here: https://www.audible.co.uk/promo/redemption [use the .com link for U.S. promo codes]

Please note, your code may be allocated elsewhere if it is not used within five days.

Code: [insert code]

I hope you enjoy the audiobook. Please remember to leave a review.

Best Wishes

[your name]
[your website URL]

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