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Heavenly Lights: Noah’s Journey (Tribes of Israel)

Posted on: March 17, 2020 - by Jaclyn Whitt

Written By: Barbara M. Britton

Narrated by: Jaclyn Whitt

Duration: 5hr 6min 27ss

Noah bat Zelophehad has tended her father’s herds and flocks since she was a girl. With God’s gift of land, she plans to make her sisters wealthy with livestock. But when a conniving clansman takes a liking to the bold shepherdess, his scheme may snatch her from the fields she loves.

Only one person understands Noah’s gifts with the animals—Jeremiah, the mute shepherd who has been her field companion for years. After the walls of Jericho collapse, God stays silent in the battle of Ai, leaving Jeremiah wounded and Noah’s marital status in jeopardy. But, Noah remains faithful to God and her animals and trusts that she will be able to forge a future with her sisters, even when enemies abound.

Will the daughters of Zelophehad be able to settle their land together or will Noah get left behind.

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