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I’m Not Resting, I’m Creating: The Power of POSITIVE Procrastinati …

Posted on: March 03, 2020 - by Todd Eflin

Written By: John Rayburn

Narrated by: Todd Eflin

Duration: 2hr 38min 00ss

Put more razzamatazz in your life with some sizzling ideas on how to handle time to your benefit and personal satisfaction.

The author interviewed clinical psychologists, governmental leaders, and successful business people to arrive at ways and means of making the clock work more favorably for you.

The slogan of the National Procrastinator’s Club is, “Don’t wait. Procrastinate Now.” Wise observations from da Vinci, Churchill, Einstein, Ovid, Sandburg, and others agree putting off in positive fashion can boost your success and happiness.

Since the 1700s we’ve been plagued by Lord Chesterfield’s admonition, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” This text thumbs its nose at that with methods of managing time without letting it manage you.

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