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Into the Woods

Posted on: March 01, 2020 - by Scott Cluthe

Written By: Josh Soule

Narrated by: Scott CLuthe

Duration: 3 hrhr 32 mmmin 00 ssss

Into the Woods is a novel of suspense set in the late 16th century by Josh Soule.

John, Thomas, and Henry had grown up in the small village of Carn and were now adults and still the best of friends. They were each different. John’s artistic inclinations had led him to leave their village to study art in Paris, but while he knew he would always miss that city, he was coming home to Carn for good.

And while they had played together as kids as they were growing up in Carn, some things didn’t change. The woods were still as dark and foreboding as they had been years earlier, when the three friends would dare each other to enter. The ancient legends of evil monsters still lingered in the minds of each of them.

Thomas had taken to staying awake at night now to protect his herd from predators, yet a moment’s rest had given something ample time to slaughter one of his cows. Thomas wanted the men of Carn to rise up and confront the beast, but the others were not so sure.

When the three friends unite to solve this mystery, they soon discover that the truth about the creature is much more troublesome than they ever feared

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