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Just Shut Up and Drive

Posted on: February 18, 2020 - by Braxton Cosby

Written By: Chynna Laird

Narrated by: James Charron

Duration: 5hr 30min 3ss

Life Is Not A Joy Ride!  Wil Carter is an 18 year old know-it-all young adult who thinks he can figure out the world’s problems with a snap of his finger; all while living his best life marching to the beat of his own drum. And just as his self-focused world barrels forward, it all falls apart when he’s asked to take a road trip with his less party-enthusiastic 95 year old grandfather. Wil knows all too well that when Gramps Wilf barks an order, you either get in line or relent to suffering the consequences of being exposed to an earful of grief.

Ever since Wil’s parents died in a tragic car accident when he was only 5, Gramps Wilf has taken care of him and devoted his life to guiding Wil along the arduous journey of adulthood. So as this week long trip across the Canadian Prairies suddenly goes awry, Wil not only learns what is it to be a man, but also discovers secrets about his grandfather that he never dreamt to understand, unraveling a new layer of emotional truth.
Will Gramps teach Wil what he needs to know before the journey ends?

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