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Lady of the Wood

Posted on: July 01, 2021 - by Kathleen Li

Written By: Mark Braun

Narrated by: Kathleen Li

Duration: 12hr 50min 0ss

Native American legends of Puget Sound tell of fierce battles between an enormous snake and a mountain eagle. Being supernatural entities, neither could destroy the other. Yet their battles were so fierce that the very Earth would tremble and shake, mountains and forests would collapse. Moved by the sad stories, the spirit of an Indian woman, Owiyahl, shaman and midwife in her former life, decides to try and prevent the loss of life. Through her bones, preserved for over a thousand years within the wood of a massive cedar tree, she is drawn to the present day, where she convinces a time walker to go back in history to warn the people. But not all goes as planned.

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