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Posted on: April 30, 2022 - by stephaniebaldi

Written By: Stephanie Baldi

Narrated by: Amy Deuchler

Duration: 13hr 01min miss

One terrible night in Tahoe left Carmela Santiago dead and a visible scar on Miguel Medina’s face. After three long years, a still-open wound lies hidden inside his cold heart.

Once Carmela’s trusted Sicario and lover, he is determined to exact vengeance on the man responsible for her death. Miguel knows going up against such a man as Nicholas D’Angelo, will not be easy.
Both ghosts, hitmen at the top of their game, their past confrontation in Tahoe has proven they possess the skills to eliminate one another. Only Miguel’s plans run much deeper.

Vowing to reclaim Carmela’s daughter, Natalia, and raise her as his own, Miguel has struck at the heart of Nick’s family by stealing away something they love.

With pressure mounting and time running out, Nick must find a way to take back what rightfully belongs to him and destroy Miguel Medina once and for all.

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Posted in: Adult themes,Fiction,Mystery Thriller Suspense

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