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Royal Holiday

Posted on: February 03, 2020 - by Sally Roughton

Written By: Mckenna James

Narrated by: Sally Roughton

Duration: 6hr 16min 00ss

Royal Holiday
In Brooklandia, the holiday countdown doesn’t begin until the Royal Family throws their Midnight Magic Ball two weeks before Christmas Eve.

Princess Martina Parisier hates the lavish royal parties with their boring guests, having to behave like a lady for hours on end.

But this year’s ball will be a masquerade. Everyone there will be in costume, so at least she can hide in plain sight.

So when a dashing masked man captures her under the mistletoe and gives her a toe-curling kiss then leaves her with a single red rose, she has no idea who he is.

Now the mysterious stranger is sending her a red rose each day in a countdown of his own.

He knows who she is and claims he will see her under the mistletoe again on Christmas Eve..

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