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Sherlock Holmes and the Montague Murders

Posted on: August 12, 2020 - by Ian Shimwell

Written By: Ian Shimwell

Narrated by: Kevin Theis

Duration: 00hr 50min 09ss

Requested by a frightened Lady Elisabeth Montague, Holmes and Watson travel all the way to the Montague home, situated on a remote desolate island, to investigate her somewhat fanciful fears.

Are the family in mortal danger?
And why have the Montagues, once the darlings of London society, now shunned themselves away from civilisation in this bleak, god-forsaken retreat?

As the Montague murders begin, Holmes finds himself drawn, ever closer, to the dreaded Montague madness…

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Posted in: Audience Age,Era,Fiction,Historical,Mystery Thriller Suspense,Older Adult (40 plus),Teen / Young adult,Timeless


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