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Sherlock Holmes and the Old Rookery Ghoul

Posted on: February 09, 2022 - by Ian Shimwell

Written By: Ian Shimwell

Narrated by: Kevin Theis

Duration: 01hr 03min 00ss

The Final Holmes and Watson Mystery…

Attending a medical conference, Watson returns to Baker Street to find a much older Holmes, withdrawn and very retired.
Remarkably, Watson’s visit coincides with another: Lil, a girl from the notorious and appalling Old Nichol Rookery housing slum, is unaware the great detective has retired. She brings with her a first-hand sighting of a strange, glowing ‘ghoul’ which frightened her half-to-death in the dark ginnels of the Rookery.
So, will Holmes and Watson, for one very last time, investigate a ghoul who does like to be seen..?

A Sherlock Holmes feature-length Special

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