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Sleeping Planet

Posted on: March 07, 2020 - by Nathan

Written By: Jr., William R. Burkett

Narrated by: Nathan Bakker

Duration: 11hr 53min 31ss

Science Fiction Encyclopedia described this as a “hard-edged” tale of the 24th-century conquest of Earth by an alien empire the humans had judged too stupid to pull off such a coup. Only a handful of humans escaped the effects of a mutated narcoleptic drug that put humanity into protracted hibernation. The battle to liberate Earth is fought by those few with the aid of a vengeful ghost called “Gremper” by the aliens. The action is fast and furious, while the genius general of the invading fleet goes slowly insane at the disruption of his well-laid plans. “A natural-born storyteller,” said bestselling author Frank G. Slaughter. A classic reprint of a sci-fi masterpiece.

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