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promo code distribution

New: Promo Code Distribution Service

Let us take care of your promo code distribution while you get on with your writing and narration. More Information.


Help With Audiobook Marketing & Promotion


#1 Stick Around

When those promo codes run out, what then? We would normally remove your audiobook from the site, but for a small one-off fee, we will replace your promo request button with a purchase link. Your audiobook retains its full-page exposure on the site and continues to attract interest. More information.


#2 Audiobook Reviews

Book reviews improve visibility. The more reviews you get, the greater the chance of sales and the higher up the rankings you climb. This helps cement your reputation as an author and the word begins to spread! Audiobook listeners place their trust in reviews. Our talented panel of reviewers is ready and waiting to do your audiobook justice. More information.


#3 Trailer it

Give your audiobook the launch it deserves with a video trailer. Choose from Preview Trailers, Promotional Trailers, or Deep-Dive Trailers. Professional outcomes at bargain prices. More information.


#4 Spotlight Feature

The front-page of any website attracts the most attention. A front-page spotlight feature attracts three to four times more interest than any other audiobook on the site. If you’d like the spotlight on your audiobook, check out our options. More information.


#5 Spotlight Feature Plus

All the benefits of the spotlight feature and more besides. Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting. For a full month, have your audiobook promoted on our website as a front-page Spotlight feature, a Newsletter Splash to our hundreds of readers, plus regular social media promotions to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. More information.


#6 Promo Package (best value)

The complete package at a bargain price:

  • Stick Around
  • Trailer It Video Promotion
  • Homepage Spotlight Feature
  • Full Newsletter Splash
  • Social Media Promotions

More information: