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Swordmaster: Gods of New York Book 1

Posted on: December 21, 2020 - by John Ruble

Written By: Nick S. Thomas

Narrated by: John Ruble

Duration: 6hr 55min 23ss

A secret war rages in the city, but this is no ordinary war. Armed with blades forged in the heavens, the ancient Gods and their followers fight to the death. Thrust into this deadly combat is Aaron Miller, an NYPD cop and martial artist, who takes up arms against Hades, the bloodthirsty tyrant of the underworld. For Hades must be stopped before he fulfills the prophecy to re-forge the shards of Zeus’ shattered crown. A prophecy he is destined to fulfill. If Miller fails, Hades will use the crown to claim power and dominion over the world.

Aaron must summon the last of Zeus’ allies if he is to survive a vicious, final battle beyond his darkest imagination. A desperate last fight to save humanity from an eternity of darkness.

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