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The Art of Choosing Happiness

Posted on: July 13, 2021 - by Emmy T Jonas

Written By: Emmy T Jonas

Narrated by: Kenneth Montgomery

Duration: 3hr 32min 0ss

Are you one of the many people who strive for happiness? Do you believe it’s unobtainable?

The last couple of years have been tough on many people, myself included. I have seen my happiness levels decline as the world changes and we become familiar with a new normal. Many of the activities that give me joy, e.g., traveling overseas, visiting family and friends, eating out, etc., have been out of reach or not as easy to access.

The impact of the global pandemic has no doubt affected us all. The last year has been a time to go inwards and look at what is important in life. The pace of life slowed down; we had more time at home and so, more self-reflection time. For me, one of the top things on my list was looking at what I wanted from life and my own happiness.

In The Art of Choosing Happiness, you’ll discover the things I learned:

The myths surrounding happiness and why we believe it is out of reach for us, these are just that – myths!
What is happiness? Yes, there is more than one type, and we feel them all.
The surprising place ‘money’ has on the list of what makes people happy.
How age and gender play a role in what makes us happy.
The difference changing a glass half empty mentality to glass half full can have on all aspects of your life.
The cliché “happiness is an inside job” is true and should be your mantra. You really do choose to be happy or not.
The main emotions that stand between you and your ability to live your best life and how to address these.
It’s perfectly okay for my happiness to look different to yours; you are the only judge of your happiness.
Daily practices I have adopted so happiness becomes my new normal.
Some of my favorite inspirational happiness quotes.
How a happier mindset can make you a more attractive person to be around.
The Art of Choosing Happiness is for anyone looking to identify the source of their unhappiness, stress, and discontent and to turn this around to live a more fulfilled life.

The insight I gained on this journey made me further appreciate the small things in life, such as enjoying that cup of tea in my garden. It helped me rebuild my own boundaries, which were always there, but I never had the confidence to share these with others. I now stand as a more confident, happier version of myself.

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