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The Bloom: A May Day Regency Novella

Posted on: July 03, 2020 - by Sally Roughton

Written By: Elizabeth A. Lance

Narrated by: Sally Roughton

Duration: 2hr 51min 41ss

“Miss Erin Lambart has spent her life in Ireland, and now her mother wants her to meet and marry a nice English gentleman, all before the May Day celebration. Erin soon finds the insipid conversations and fashionably late nights tiring and wishes she could find a gentleman that enjoys talking to her and is not put off by her blue-stocking ways.

Lord Jackson Bell, Marquis Guildford does not have time for the frivolities of London. His research for the Horticultural Society of London keeps him quite busy, but his mother has other ideas in mind. She’s decided he needs a wife and she is determined that this will be the season he finds one.

Erin and Jack become fast friends, allies against boring conversation, and soon make a pact to help each other find their perfect match. Only what if their perfect match is each other? Will they realize in time that friendship has bloomed into love or will they become star-crossed lovers married to the wrong people?

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Posted in: Historical,Older Adult (40 plus),Romance,Teen / Young adult

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