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The Boy Centurion: Audiobook

Posted on: January 29, 2020 - by jerry

Written By: J J Kennard

Narrated by: Stewart Crank

Duration: 5hr 21min 0ss

Audiobook Sample


A.D. 383. Emperor Magnus Maximus orders the northern legions of Britannia to withdraw. The lumbering retreat is fraught with danger, as local tribes and warlords seek to capitalize on the power vacuum left by the Romans.

This is the story of Atticus, the 15-year old son of a cohort tribune from the 6th legion. Trapped behind the walls of a garrison, with only an ageing centurion and his men for protection, Atticus must use both ingenuity and bravery to survive.


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Posted in: Historical,Military / War,Teen / Young adult

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