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The Costume Party: An Erotic Adventure

Posted on: April 29, 2020 - by Jupiter Grant

Written By: T.S. Lovecraft

Narrated by: Jupiter Grant

Duration: 1hr 46min 00ss

One nude masquerade ball. Two outrageous disguises. Three spicy adventures…

When Jade’s best friend, Hannah, tells her they’ve been invited to the most exclusive party of the year, Jade is intrigued. But when Hannah explains that it’s going to be a nude costume party at billionaire Steve Bannon’s mansion, she gets even more excited.

As they begin to search for sexy costumes online, Jade becomes increasingly aroused thinking of all the fun she can have playing a different character. When she finally settles on the outfit she wants to wear, she decides to keep it a secret until they arrive at the estate.

When Jade finally reveals her provocative costume, she becomes the instant hit of the party. Men and women alike are drawn to her multi-functional disguise, and before long she’s enjoying secret trysts with many of the powerful guests.

Join Jade as she gets herself into more and more erotic escapades as she moves from one seductive partner to another, culminating in an exciting rendezvous with Bannon and his stunning wife, Genevieve.

Note: This story includes vivid descriptions of explicit sex scenes described from the female protagonist’s perspective.

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