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The Death List

Posted on: February 12, 2021 - by Cheryl May

Written By: Thomas R. Clark

Narrated by: Cheryl May

Duration: 4hr 28min 00ss

Ronnie Dark is having a bad day. Facing rock bottom after losing his job, a sudden divorce, and eviction from his home, he hatches a desperate plan for revenge on his ex-wife. Ronnie intends to take his own life, and leave his rotting, stinking corpse behind for her to discover as a final gift. Meanwhile, the home’s former inhabitant, Patrick Dermotty, the infamous Balloon Boy Killer, has escaped from the institution holding him.

Patrick is a game-show quoting killing machine, known for crafting balloon animals from the entrails of his victims. He has one goal: To finish what he started thirty-five years ago and resurrect his ancient, dark deity, Saint D’Inana. Ronnie’s ex-wife Melissa, and authorities led by the enigmatic Dr. Pennoire, rush to save him from the Balloon Boy. But before they can arrive, the body count rises.

Now trapped in an infamous murder house, everyone but Ronnie dies, leaving behind a trail of mutilated corpses. Ronnie Dark’s bad day is going to get worse before it gets any better. And he’s about to learn suicide is pointless when you’re facing the avatar of a Death God!

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