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The Plumbers

Posted on: October 18, 2020 - by PSE Management

Written By: Terry M. West

Narrated by: Paul Burt

Duration: 2hr 23min 0ss

Liam and Pierce live in a country ravaged by a strange sickness. It’s called the CRUD, and it turns its victims into rabid killing machines known as the “plaguers”. The authorities wage constant war to keep the plaguers from overrunning the towns, boroughs, and cities.

Liam and Pierce are plumbers sent to the infected zones to keep the taps and sewers flowing. They preserve the dwindling resources of their homeland. Come along in the van and spend a typical day with Liam and Pierce. A day of digging holes, twisting pipes, soldering joints, measuring twice, cutting once, plunging the bog, battling the plaguers in gruesome fashion, and telling crude jokes.

No matter how dangerous or dirty the task, it’s just another day on the job for the plumbers! The Plumbers is a horror/dark comedy novella from the author of Transfer, the Honger series, Night Things, and the highly acclaimed old school horror collection What Price Gory.

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