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The Tea Room

Posted on: January 09, 2021 - by Lianne Walker

Written By: S Forrest Nomakeo

Narrated by: Lianne Walker

Duration: 07hr 34min 00ss

Locked away in the seclusion of the Terem Apartments, the Romanov Tsarevnas were no threat to the crown. Maria Alekseyevna writes her deepest thoughts in her diary, hides away to read, and has a forbidden love that lives in her secret script.

Natalya Alekseyevna has dedicated her life to her sister Anna Alekseyevna who suffers from a condition that claimed her brother Tsar Feodor Alexeyevich. She fills her days by creating her own versions ofthe ancient poems sung to the Romanov children. Fyodora Alekseyevna, the youngest, is nurtured by Maria who hopes for a better life for her sister. Sofia Alekseyevna fights tradition, rules, the terem, and eventually the country.

Covered from view, rare excursions outside the Kremlin enhance their lives. and the discovery of a secret passageway—changes everything. Sofia’s absences from the terem are explained when Maria follows and learns her secret.

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