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The Village Witch

Posted on: October 26, 2021 - by Neil Davies

Written By: Neil Davies

Narrated by: Kevin E Green

Duration: 6hr 45min 0ss

She sits on the headstone, claws flexing, wings furled, as she has for almost four centuries.

The people of Byre live in fear. A centuries-old evil that grows stronger with each human sacrifice threatens their village. If all goes according to her plan, the Village Witch will unleash almost 400 years of resentment, hatred and homicidal rage on the town.

Tim Galton, an ex-special forces soldier, Professor Alexander Hall, and his daughter Susan, paranormal investigators, and a few, brave villagers are all that stand in her way. Can they prevent the Village Witch from setting the evil free? Or will it destroy them and everyone else in Byre?

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