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Vladimir Lenin: The History of a Revolutionary

Posted on: October 30, 2021 - by Matt Coles

Written By: Michael Beaver

Narrated by: Matt Coles

Duration: 03hr 30min 05ss

This listen discusses how Vladimir Lenin, inspired by the foundations of Marxism and Hegel’s dialectics, became one of the most influential leaders in history. An excellent leader with an ambitious vision, Lenin quickly shifted from a people’s man to a notorious dictator. His rule was characterized by its mind-boggling dichotomy. Under his rule, Russia was one of the freest nations of its time, yet among the most oppressed.

With this title, you will learn all about how his movement came to life. You will also know what life in Russia was like before Lenin came back from exile and how his return affected the entire world.

This listen will:

* Give you a peek into his life during exile and help you understand how Lenin’s master plan was birthed.
* Allow you to gain insight into his early life and everything that stimulated his philosophical interests and political journey.
* Help you understand how Marxism contributed greatly to the development of Leninism.
* Show you exactly how Lenin turned from a caring revolutionary into a ruthless dictator.
* Guide you through Russia as a socialist state.

From research and inspiration to didactics and implementation, you will hear it all! Not only that, you will also grasp the connection between Lenin’s legacy and other ruthless leaders like Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini.

You’ll also get an interesting outlook on what life may have looked like if Lenin hadn’t caught that train back to Petrograd – are you ready to unleash history?

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